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Paper recyclers are tasked with procuring fiber, processing, and producing feedstock for the paper mill as efficiently as possible

Paper Recycling

Understanding transportation impact

The AMCS Enterprise Management Solution is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced software solution to manage your entire paper recycling business.

As a Paper recycler you are tasked with procuring fiber, processing, and producing feedstock for the paper mill as efficiently as possible. From collecting recycled material from different suppliers, dealing with numerous sites, to dealing with transportation impact offers a challenge to effectively managing your supply costs. To assure that you are addressing these challenges, you need to have complete visibility of your operations. With AMCS’s platform you can consolidate a wide range of data into one central repository. Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to easily configure the data, extract critical information and make important business decisions. From managing your scale house operations, to creating standardized or custom pricing mechanisms, carrying out demand planning, or creating supplier contracts, AMCS offers standardization and consolidation.

Enterprise Management Solution:

1. Pricing & Contract Management
AMCS’ Enterprise Management Platform makes it easy to manage all your material suppliers, customers, and contracts from one database. Searching across multiple databases to find contracts, customers, and important account information is no longer an issue. Easily navigate one centralized database to quickly view and create new accounts and contracts. Create standardized pricing or create customized pricing structures based on account, material, volume, grade.

2. Inbound & Outbound Management
weigh suppliers materials using AMCS scale house software, automatically entered into centralized database. Buy side management allows you to easily factor in volume, commodity pricing, and current inventory. Manage sell side from the same enterprise management solution. Understand costs associated with freight, and export, assure you are achieving your highest margin.

3. Material Grading
Determine the fair value of inbound materials and establish the destination for processing based on the grade of material. Use images to record grade and provide proof of quality. Eliminate discrepancies and obtain better material using visibility and master data.

4. Inventory Management
Capture and post inventory at the time of purchase. Understand precise quantities of different materials across your operation. Easily manage material across multiple locations. Eliminate human error and create optimized pricing based on current inventory.

5. Material Trading 
Minimize the cost of procuring, processing, and selling materials.

6. Billing and Financial Management
Powerful custom reporting capabilities. Quickly bill customers. Full Accounting module that pulls from one centralized database. AMCS’ Enterprise Management Solution allows for the consolidation of multiple systems, simplifying your business and saving you time and money.

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