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17 Aug 2020

AMCS Group announces appealing eREC presentations

The AMCS Group has announced a series of appealing presentations to be held by international industry experts during the eREC, the Digital Recycling Expo and Conference for Circular Economy and Waste Management. AMCS is one of the leading companies in its field to exhibit at this virtual trade show which takes place from August 31 until September 4.

During the eREC, the experts will take the floor of the conference centre to talk about state-of-the-art solutions for innovating the global waste and recycling industry. In the virtual booth, there are demonstrations of innovative end-to-end solutions enabling the waste and recycling industry to increase efficiencies, growth and margins while at the same time lowering costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Strong technology foundation critical for long term success

The main focal point of all the presentations is innovative technologies and how the AMCS solutions support the global waste and recycling industry to strengthen their competitiveness and to constantly be ahead of the game. CMO Mark Abbas, for instance, talks about how leading waste and recycling companies are infusing technology into their business model to drive efficiency, accelerate growth and to build first-class customer experience. To be successful, companies do not only need to change what they do but will also need to rethink how they do it. A strong technology foundation is critical for long term success.

Sales Manager Rogier de Klein explains how forecasting algorithms and IoT (Internet of Things) are reshaping waste collection services. He discusses some of the best practices for leveraging technology to optimise route planning and dispatching, and the significant savings this can bring to waste management and recycling industry. This informative session is packed with valuable insights to help optimise business processes, productivity, efficiency and sustainability. 

Innovative technology to beat market challenges

Other presentations of the industry experts are around the present market challenges recycling companies face and how innovative IT systems can help to deal with them. Evan Schwartz: Vice President Services, North America, will present how AMCS Platform is providing metal, paper and plastic recyclers complete visibility of their operations. His session will show that powerful technology is available to help optimise the most critical business processes and improve margins. 

Conor Dowd: Head of Sales Western Europe, will discuss how managing a metal recycling company has become increasingly complex and competitive in the global economy. Innovation in technology helps to tackle these challenges and at the same time increases productivity, improves efficiency and ensures compliance.

Christian Pollklesener, Head of Professional Services Germany, addresses how the AMCS Recycling Software offers plastic, paper and metal recyclers a comprehensive coverage of all their business processes. Furthermore, he explains how this innovative end-to-end solution provides an extended range of industry-specific functionalities. He’ll show how these different areas are closely interlinked and how this end-to-end solution can be of a great asset for recycling companies.

Innovative solution for the waste and recycling industry

The presentations of the international industry experts are just a part of the AMCS program during the eREC. In the virtual booth, there are extensive demonstrations of the innovative AMCS Platform, an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste & recycling companies across the globe. “National and international developments necessitate waste and recycling companies to continuously strengthen and further expand their market position. “Therefore, digitisation is of the utmost importance to remain competitive”, says Mark Abbas, chief marketing officer at the AMCS Group.

”With AMCS Platform we are providing the waste and recycling industry with an organisation-wide IT infrastructure. With this, Platform supports growth, increases operational efficiency, expands margins, reduces risks while at the same time lowering the environmental impact. AMCS Platform is a cloud-based enterprise-grade SaaS solution. This contributes to the agility of our customers by leveraging the advantages of the cloud and will enable them to run more secure and anticipate future developments faster.”

eREC: August 31 - September 4

The eREC takes place from August 31 until September 4 and offers the waste and recycling industry a complete program, including exhibition booth, presentations in the conference centre and live chats to engage with other eREC participants.

Visit AMCS’ virtual booth at the eREC and talk to the industry specialists about the series of possibilities the AMCS Platform is providing organisations in the waste and recycling industry. To participate, please use the registration button or follow this link. Before the start of the eREC we’ll sent you the link to access the virtual tradeshow.

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