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recycling shipyard

06 Jan 2021

Innovative technology streamlines both back-office and mobile CRM of recycling companies

AMCS CRM and mobile app provides recycling companies complete end-to-end solution


All the customer and transactional information at hand and up to date is one of the key values of an innovative system that includes a CRMS and a mobile app. This much is clear from an on-demand webinar hosted by Christian Pollklesener, Head of Professional Services at the AMCS Group. In the webinar, he explains some of the many features of the AMCS CRM and the mobile app, and gives a live demo to show the services' flexibility.


No on-the-spot information available on the last graded material while talking to a customer. No adequate information at hand to directly answer any questions. Manual and paper processes without the support of a customer relationship management system (CRMS) certainly present recycling companies with a challenge.

Besides the absence of sufficient data, one of the other adverse business outcomes of no CRM system is the organisation-wide spread of the customer's information. Because it is in the hands of several employees, there may often be no single source of truth, and no guarantee of the validity of the information. Furthermore, more time is needed to prepare for a customer meeting or call in the absence of a well maintained CRM system and manual requests for information may need to be submitted to other back-office function groups. Down the line, manual and paper processes end up costing more time and effort - standing in the way of efficiency.

Organisation-wide high-level customer knowledge

Christian Pollklesener’s webinar shows that an innovative technology that combines a CRM system with a mobile application can easily tackle all those challenges and more. It enables a methodical and well-organised stream of communication by providing the same level of up-to-date information for all employees within the organisation and at all locations, whether in the back office, or mobile-based for traders and management.

“The complete and constantly updated customer information in one system enables recycling companies to build-up a high level of knowledge about their customers and their business that is shared with the entire team in real time. Take for instance a customer who calls up and speaks to a representative who knows exactly what his or her current requests ongoing and unresolved issues are. This kind of competent and well-informed service is incredibly important for the customer, he emphasises. “Since feeling well-known leads to customer satisfaction and contributes positively toward customer retention.” 

CRM and mobile CRM app in the same system is key

The combination of CRM and a mobile app in one system is key, according to Christian. “All relevant information is available in the system; at any time and on any device, including all relevant documents. With this, an innovative CRM system empowers recycling companies with up to the minute information at their employees’ fingertips that maximises the efficiency of their preparation for appointments. In the end, these more productive meetings with customers – both current and prospective - lead to multiple positive business outcomes such as more new business won, increased margins and greater cost savings.”

The mobile CRM app is fully integrated in the AMCS recycling solution as a single, easy-to-use program. Features like archiving, price files and contracts can be viewed and updated on the go, with the option of creating notes and reminders as well as uploading relevant files, he explains.  

“The mobile app increases flexibility and grants access to the database on the go with the opportunity to update details with the customer on to the spot. This gives recycling companies full control of complete customer correspondence and a consistent level of high-quality information. At the same time, it makes processes work faster, as every feature is fully digital with real-time updates."

Demo shows extensive features of CRM system and mobile app

Included in the webinar is a demo of the CRM solution and the mobile app, during which Christian Pollklesener, amongst others, shows the availability of customer information on one screen, including contact details, location and the latest activities such as the technical specification of material grading or a question about an invoice.

Furthermore, he demonstrates how to add activities, categorise them, set a reminder, assign a different task to the relevant employees and the follow-up status. Additionally, during the demo, he shows the mobile CRM app's extensive features such as contact details, prospects, locations, activities, contracts, price lists, outstanding invoices, and extended search options.

He also points out that the app grants instant access to all data, such as weighing slips from transactions, including the pictures of the in- and out-weighing at the weighbridge, and the mobile weighing of the different fractions of the same load, providing the possibility to show the customer photographic evidence of the quality of the material. According to Christian Pollklesener, “All the required information is at hand, leaving no unanswered question be it an open or a completed transaction. This is of the utmost importance”, Christian adds, “because it takes away any doubts that may lead to unwanted discussion of invoicing."