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26 Aug 2020

True or False: You need a proprietary IT architecture designed just for your C&I waste company

False. Very, very false.

You’re only boxing yourself into a corner, and it’s an expensive corner at that. For starters, it requires a sizeable upfront capital investment, which is fine if you have the budget. The problem is really, then, in the invariable hidden costs with implementation.

Building your platform can not be done in a timely manner, simply because the company doing it won’t have the expertise and insight into the C&I waste industry.

That’s critical. Consider that most industries work by producing a product, delivering it and then invoicing for it. That’s not how the C&I waste sector works, and your platform must be built on how the industry operates. You could even leak a good portion of revenue because your platform, for example, doesn’t ensure that every transaction is invoiced. Price-indexing will be included in your bespoke architecture, but it will be a complicated, even fussy, feature. This is because it’s not a natural part of the platform’s ecosystem. Again, it goes back to how well the designers know the C&I industry.

And then there’s the problem of integrating modules with a bespoke solution. You can’t add an off-the-shelf route planner to a custom platform. So your route planner and any other module that you want to add will have to be built as well.

You’re looking at more hours and a lot more money to create and implement them.

The thing is, once you go down the bespoke route, there’s no way back. You’re locked in and constantly paying more than you initially anticipated. It’s a difficult decision to pull the plug, simply because at this point, you’ve gone way over budget. As your IT architecture ages, you’ve got to spend more money to keep it relevant. You stay with it to justify the expenditure. It’s a no-win situation.

Make it easy on yourself

An off-the-shelf solution will serve you better, though not all are created equal. You want a platform that adheres to best practice. This is AMCS Platform, designed specifically for the C&I and C&D waste industries. AMCS Platform is Microsoft Azure-based SaaS, so there’s no upfront capital investment.

Because it’s on the cloud, it’s constantly updated for you. Working on the cloud is a liberating experience. Nor do you have to worry about security. AMCS takes care of that, too, and better than your company can. It seamlessly scales with you, so as your needs grow, so does AMCS Platform.

AMCS Platform is breathtaking in its simplicity and functionalities, built to help you gain significant efficiencies and stop revenue leakage. Where price-indexing is complicated with a bespoke solution, it’s easy stuff for AMCS to update price increases according to service type, customer or region. It’s another reason why you need a platform designed specifically for your industry.

Another important factor that AMCS Platform gives you: Updates in legislation for the regions you work in are made, so you never have to suffer the consequences of violating policies. Again. We know the industry.

AMCS Platform also enables flexibility in how your operations work, which in turn makes your company more agile. It integrates with third-party software, or with our own suite of solutions. It’s entirely up to you what you want to use. The point is, you’re not boxed into anything. That’s the first step to becoming agile.